Social Media Account Executive

We’re on the lookout for a social media account executive to join our growing PR, social media and content team.

The right person will…

  • Have experience
    We’re looking for someone who has some experience managing social media channels either at an agency or in-house. Sharing amusing cat GIFs on a personal social media account doesn’t count as experience… but probably does give you bonus points when we review applications.
  • Know how to handle social media enquiries
    You’ll know that social media communities need plenty of TLC and that tone/style of response is key. Replying with a GIF makes sense on the agency Slack channels but not when helping to resolve a customer issue online.
  • Be a social media expert . Your extensive knowledge of social media means you’ll be able to select the right channels and create content that resonates with an audience.
  • Be able to write compelling copy . Being able to craft copy that captivates and ticks all the right boxes, for both the client and their audience, is a must. You’ll be hot on your grammar, know your en dash from your em dash, and be able to write to all sorts of character counts.
  • Have ideas for getting content to an audience . You’ll know that there’s no point producing great content if nobody ever sees it. We need someone who is full of ideas for social media posts, email campaigns, link building strategies and more to get a message across to an audience.
  • Be organised . Whether you love writing a list and ticking items off in a notepad, covering your desk in Post-It's or swear by an app that sends you a list of jobs for the day, you’ll need to be organised.
  • Know how to get stuck in to meet tight deadlines Work here is fast paced and we’re often busy. To consistently produce great work everyone pulls together, so we’ll expect you to have a can-do attitude and work well with other members of the team.
  • Have knowledge of relevant tools/apps You’ll not sit blank faced when we mention SEMRush, Sprout, or Woobox, and have knowledge of countless other tools that provide the data or functionality that helps us produce great work quicker or more effectively.
  • Be snap happy Compelling photos/video are key on social media, so it’ll be a bonus if you’re handy with a camera and have an eye for what looks great.

Every day you’ll be…

  • Speaking with clients at meetings, on the phone and by email to suggest ideas, take feedback and report on the success of our work
  • Writing carefully crafted and optimised content that real people want to read
  • Respond to various questions from online communities
  • Sharing the latest social media sensation, SEO tip or silly video/GIF with the team
  • Planning and creating social media content that generates a response
  • Reviewing statistics to adapt ideas and draw up reports
  • Working with the wider team, including our designers and developers to deliver integrated campaigns across a range of clients
  • Discussing the merits of the latest TV series, film, album or city centre bar/restaurant/lunch spot

What you'll get from us...

  • A nice chunk of change
  • The opportunity to work with a broad range of exciting and diverse clients
  • A lovingly designed working environment, complete with exceptionally good coffee on tap, tuck shop, full working kitchen, quiet areas with comfy chairs and more
  • A highly skilled, driven and super friendly team to work alongside and develop your talents with
  • Opportunities to attend training courses, so you can keep learning about what excites you and is of value to our clients
  • A shiny Mac laptop
  • Regular cinema, curry, karting, beer and other such outings with that same bunch of people

What next?

Please email a CV and a short, snappy and flawlessly crafted cover letter/email/animated GIF/video (you get the idea) that explains why you're the perfect person for this role.

Please email [email protected] and be sure to write 'Social media account executive' in the subject line.

Agencies: Not this time thanks.