Loughborough University Mobile prospectus app


Loughborough University is well known all over the world for its sports successes, for winning numerous Times awards year on year, and for having one of the largest and most vibrant campuses in Europe.

Appealing internationally is key - students travel from all over the world to study there, so learning about the courses on offer is really important, and a mobile app plays a crucial role.


For many prospective students from afar, this app was going to be the single and only way that they engaged with the university - it was critical that the experience was smooth, seamless and professional.

Whilst many mobile development platforms exist, many of them 'cheat' - the end result being an app that is really just a web page. Whilst they can cut costs, they do not provide the same high quality experience as native apps, designed specifically for the device.

We avoided that whilst keeping costs low - we worked closely with Loughborough University to develop a native app. It looks and feels at home on both iOS/iPhone and Android compatible devices for the best possible experience for prospective students.


The end result is an app that feels right. It is stable, fast and takes advantage of the features and operating system of each device.

Prospective students from all over the world can now carry around the Loughborough University prospectus in their pocket, mark their favourite courses, and even apply to attend open days in person.