Vista A highly accessible website for a local charity


Vista have been working with people with sight loss and their families for over 150 years and are one of the largest local charities in Leicestershire and Rutland. Their aim is to promote eye health to help prevent sight loss. They also provide support and care to those suffering from its effects to help reduce its impact on their lives.

Vista were keen to revamp their website to make it more accessible, engaging and more focused on the people they support. We were asked to come up with a solution that combined all of these aspects in a way that was easy and intuitive to use.


Before we began to draw up ideas for concepts, we worked closely alongside the team at Vista to conduct initial user research. This research gave us a wealth of compelling evidence of how users expected to navigate the website, which we then used to inform the layout and design.

As a sight loss charity, making sure the website was fully accessible was key. We took into account Vista’s own accessibility guidelines and the latest W3C WAI guidelines, combining this with our own knowledge and experience to ensure the website was as user friendly as possible. We then put this to the test with a variety of participants across a wide range of devices to fine tune the finished website.

Vista also undertook their own usability audit with a group which included visually impaired users, confirming that the website was effortless to use for this group and met the requirements of its visitors.


The team at Vista were incredibly happy with the results. We produced a beautifully designed and highly user friendly website, that fits their users needs perfectly.

“The whole process was very straightforward and we’re pleased with how smoothly it ran. They were quick to resolve any queries or problems we had and we’re really happy with the final result. We’ve had lots of positive feedback, in particular relating to the new case study section, that allows us to tell the stories of our service users. Thank you, RKH!” Kirsty Wilby - Marketing and communications manager.