It came as no surprise to me that the whole office was a little shocked when I first mentioned that one of my hobbies was planning. They couldn’t understand how planning your weeks out and sticking in themed stickers could be, and is, such a fun hobby.

It started over in America and is slowly working its way around the world, there are a variety of planners available and a great range of stickers and kits. I first discovered planning when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a girl planning out her week and creating a gorgeous sticker spread. From there my fascination grew and I became hooked.

Planning is a creative outlet and a handy way of keeping track of everything I need to do each day, upcoming important dates and managing my time efficiently. It’s a great way to take time for yourself to relax and wind down, but to also arrange the week ahead. Being able to visualise tasks and achievements is very useful when creating short and long term goals. Over time it can be used as a scrapbook to look back on special days and lovely memories.

Many of the stickers are designed in Photoshop, each with their own personal touch. There are a huge variety of stickers available, from weekly and monthly kits, to monthly overview kits, decor stickers and more functional stickers too. The stickers can be purchased pre-printed and cut or alternatively you can purchase and download them to print and cut yourself. Stickers come in all themes and can be relevant to holidays, special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, tv shows and seasons. If there is ever a moment that you can’t find something you want, there are a range of templates available to help create your own.

When I first began planning I never could have imagined how much of a community there was surrounding this simple activity. There are endless Facebook groups and hashtags, all filled with enthusiasm over which planner each member has and which stickers you’re going to use that week. It’s so much fun being able to share a hobby with lots of different people all across the world.

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