Sometimes incidents in life stick with you, when Ralph met the Milk Float in the 1980s it was one of those times for me.

Ralph, now sadly no longer with us, is my father-in-law. Ralph was great, we got on really well, he was retired and lived on a residential street in a large village. Most days he would drive into the the centre to the shops - and perhaps to have a little flutter on the horses. He got into a routine with this, about the same time every day back the car out, go into the village, return for lunch.

He didn’t need to think, it was always the same, reverse the car out of the drive, look left, look right, onto the road and off.

But one day it was different. Ralph reversed, checked left, all clear, checked right, all clear, on to the road, crunch, he hit the milk float that was right behind him. The milkman, according to Ralph’s argument, should not have been there, he was never there at that time of day, but this day he was. No one was hurt but Ralph was upset.

Ralph learnt a lesson that day and so did I. We all get into routines, we all assume that things today will be the same as they were yesterday and last week and last month. We all do it but we have to be careful and often in my business life now I think about Ralph and the Milk Float. 

Expect the unexpected, one day a Milk Float will be right behind you and if you don’t pay attention you’ll hit it.

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