An image of the new South Wigston High School Logo
The new South Wigston High School logo
South Wigston High School's website
South Wigston High School's website.

South Wigston High School has a long and interesting history dating back to before the Second World War, when it used to be split into separate schools for boys and girls. Sue Webb became the school's head teacher during this academic year and felt that it could do with a rebrand to bring things up-to-date. We were delighted to be recommended to Sue by one of our previous clients and asked to take on this exciting project.

We began by working on a brand new logo and identity for the school. We used the school's colours of yellow and blue as our starting point and updated this palette with a more personalised choice of colours, choosing a lighter cornflower blue to replace the tired navy and a complimentary mustard yellow.

For their logo we incorporated the acorn, taking inspiration from the oak trees which surround the school playing fields and the acorn carvings that sit over the front entrance. We felt this was a great symbol for the school as it represents growth; the children come to South Wigston as acorns and leave as oak trees.

Once this was all in place, we moved on to developing a fresh new website. We wanted to keep things simple, so we opted for a clean, bright design with lots of white space and large photos of the school and its pupils to show off the wonderful atmosphere. Alongside this, we will also be producing all stationery and prospectuses for the school, helping to create a uniform identity across all of the school’s materials.

We’re incredibly proud of the outcome and to now be able to show off all of our hard work. Take a look at the new website for yourself.

“I’m so pleased with the work RKH have done on our new rebrand. It really helps to bring the school’s image right up to date, whilst still remaining true to who we are and our long heritage. The logo is the perfect symbol for our school and the concept behind it captures the values of South Wigston High School brilliantly. All the staff at RKH were really approachable and took time to understand our context and what we really wanted. We are delighted with the finished product.” - Sue Webb, Headteacher.

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