It’s been another lively first half of the year here at Rock Kitchen Harris. We’ve secured several new business wins and the office has been busier than ever, so it felt like the perfect time to introduce a few new additions to the RKH family. We’re excited to welcome Simona, Katie and Léon to the team and are pleased to see they’re all happily settling into life at the office already.

Simona Nikolova joins us from Bulgaria, after having previously worked as a web developer in her home country. She will be taking on the role of Junior Web Developer and is keen to develop her skills even further; “This new position gives me the opportunity to improve my technical skill and to be part of a great team in the process too. The RKH office is an amazing work environment and the team are so friendly.”

The newest member of our advertising team, Katie Marshall, will be taking on the role of Account Manager. Katie completed a distance learning degree in Professional Interior Design through Staffordshire University before going on to develop her skills in account management. She’s delighted to become part of the team, saying: “I wanted to work for a company that had a fun, friendly atmosphere and I’d heard nothing but great things about RKH. Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming. The projects I’ll be working on seem really exciting, and I’m looking forward to the new challenge.

Léon Atkinson joins us as a Front-End Developer and is pleased that his new role will allow him to focus more on the areas that he enjoys most. “This position allows me to be even more of a specialist. Having so many skilled people who really know what they’re doing means that I have to wear less hats. I can really focus on and continue to develop in my chosen discipline.” Léon admitted that RKH has long been on his radar as somewhere that he wanted to work. “Being here doesn't just give me the opportunity to work with some amazing clients, the progressive and creative environment along with the family atmosphere of the team means going into work is something I now look forward to.

They’ve each already proven what great assets they are to our team and have fitted in so well that it’s hard to remember that they’ve not been here all along! We’re really excited for the future here at RKH and are looking forward to seeing Simona, Katie and Léon grow and develop alongside us.

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