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Google AdWords

AdWords is Google's paid search marketing platform, where text adverts appear on a search results page within the top 3 positions, or down the right hand column of Google when someone performs a search. Advertisers can choose a list of keywords (search terms associated to their business) to bid against, and when someone performs a search containing those keywords on Google, their advert can appear.

An AdWords campaign can be targeted to ensure that adverts only appear to those people that you want to see them, and they are charged for on a PPC (Pay Per Click) basis, so you only pay when someone actually clicks on the advert meaning that you can control your costs. We recommend it to all clients as a cost effective way of advertising.

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The Everards Challenge

Everards is a Leicestershire brewery operating over 150 pubs. Everards needed some help maximising results from their current AdWords campaign budget. Our brief was to focus more on individuals looking for a change of career rather than experienced tenants, to encourage tenancy applications, whilst working within the existing campaign budget.


New keywords were introduced, and new advert copy written to target people who may not have otherwise considered a career as a tenant. The Everards website was then reviewed to determine the most appropriate landing page for these new adverts, ensuring that the information on those pages was relevant and informative to the new audience that the website would receive. Together with this, a thorough review of Everards existing AdWords campaign was also performed and optimised to achieve greater response.


The click through rate for their campaign rose from 0.83% to 3.87%, a higher average advert position was achieved, and Everards had increased interest from inexperienced tenants. Today, the impressions, advert position, conversions and conversion rate all continue to increase, without the client spending any more money - proving that changing the Everards advertising recipe led to an improved response!

We're Google Certified

As a certified Google AdWords Partner we give knowledge, care and attention to all of our AdWords clients, regardless of their size and budget. So if you are looking for advertising with instant response and a transparent cost, contact us.