We're IPA Accredited

At RKH we have IPA accreditation. This is the highest possible professional accolade an agency can receive.

But what does it mean to you? How can it benefit you as a client?

  • We have to be approved by our industry peers. That means that not only do we think we are good, but other people in the industry agree with us.
  • We have had to prove that we are financially stable. -We are bound by the IPA bylaws, standards of practice, Advertising Standards Authority, Independent Television Commission and Radio Authority. This means the work we produce will be of a high creative standard, but more importantly will not get you in trouble. -We have to participate in the Continuous Professional Development scheme. This means that all our employees have to undertake studies and improvements in their field. We are not sitting still, we are always getting better, and so is our service to you.
  • The IPA are a fantastic resource for legal issues and research. Our membership means we can tap into their pool of knowledge and use it for your benefit.
  • We are at the top of our game. You have peace of mind knowing that you are working with an agency who meets rigourous standards and strives to improve itself. This can only be good for you as a client.