Behind the scenes with Topps Tiles

Tuesday 20th November, 2018

Recently we pitched for the Topps Tiles TV campaign, and we won! Now the campaign is live, we thought it would be nice to give you all a peek of what happened behind the scenes.

We came up with the concept for the campaign and worked closely alongside Top Banana to produce the finished advert. Our aim was to encourage people to change their perceptions about Topps Tiles, by presenting the brand in a more luxurious and lifestyle-lead way. This is reflected in the strapline ‘Think you know Topps Tiles… Think again’. Alongside coming up with the initial concept, we also created the storyboard, selected the models, and styled the sets. To finish it all off, we provided copy for the voiceover and worked with the lovely Sarah Beeny to record it.

The ad started running in October and will be on screens right through to December, so keep an eye out!