Canary A brand identity and fully featured website


Canary is a unique monitoring system designed to help older and vulnerable people live in their own homes for longer. The system uses non-intrusive sensors, without cameras or microphones, to keep track of a person's routine whilst still respecting their privacy. It works by monitoring movement and temperature within the home, offering family members peace of mind and reassurance that everything is as it should be with their loved one.


We have worked closely with Canary ever since their launch. Our team carefully crafted their brand identity, including a new logo and all artwork templates. We also designed packaging, produced a number of videos and designed several leaflets to help launch the product.

As Canary are such a special company, we wanted to make sure their branding was as unique and standout as their product. We created a friendly little canary mascot and a chose a colour palette of soft brights in yellow and turquoise, to reflect the freedom their product grants its users.

Our digital team and designers worked together to build the Canary website, shop and user portal. The clean, bright layout follows on from our branding work and makes the site quick and effortless to navigate. The portal provides easy access to all of the data the sensors record. This is displayed in clear to read charts, making it simple to keep track of a loved one's daily routine.

In 2015 we massively updated the Canary portal, adding a host of new features along with a brand new UI and design. The update focused heavily on improving the user experience, making it even simpler and more intuitive to use. We listened carefully to users needs and added more data, a better display and more control over the information available.


Through our branding work, we created a striking and instantly recognisable identity for Canary. It effectively captures the spirit of the product and the positive impact it has on users lives. The website our digital team built looks fantastic and has users needs at the heart of its design, making it a real pleasure to use.

“We’ve worked with RKH for a number of years now, and we’re always so happy with the work the team produce for us. The team did a great job on our website, the finished product fully takes into account our users needs, looks beautiful and is easy and enjoyable to use.” - Stuart Butterfield, Technical Director.