CML A distinctive brand experience for a logistics provider


Core Management Logistics (CML) is an end to end logistics provider working with major high street retail names including Marks & Spencer, Office Depot, Lulu Guinness and schoolwear supplier Banner.

When CML approached us, it had no official brand guidelines or style guide, and its existing marketing lacked a consistent style and brand presence. We were asked to improve the design and appearance of marketing materials to better capture the quality of the service CML provides.


Before beginning design work we first produced a simple set of brand guidelines, outlining typography, logo usage and colour palette. This helped to create a cohesive look across all materials produced, and ensured that CML’s key messages and core values were portrayed clearly throughout.

These guidelines set the style for a series of artwork that ran across everything from print ads and blog graphics, to presentations and proposals. It was important that artwork could be used across a number of different mediums in order to create a distinctive and highly consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

Alongside this, we also developed a unique illustrative style to further set CML apart visually from its competitors. We designed a graphic which followed the journey an item takes from purchase to customer, whilst also showcasing the history of CML. This was used on TV screens throughout their sites and included in pitches and presentations, as well as acting as the cover of the Beyond ‘In Stock’ White Paper produced in partnership with Internet Retailing.

One of the standout pieces we created for CML was an eye-catching proposal box to be taken along to meetings, or sent out to prospective clients. Each box was created to house a proposal outline document and a video brochure which played a custom video message and could be tailored to each potential client. We designed the box to have a sleek, high-quality finish, with simple lettering and a magnetic fastening. Inside, a pair of white cotton gloves are included, to further highlight the first-rate service CML provides.


CML now has a strong design style running throughout all of its marketing materials, which is instantly recognisable. The brand guidelines ensure that everything produced going forward will be on-brand and showcase CML’s key messages in a clear and consistent way.

“RKH has played a major part in designing creative artwork material which supports CML’s brand awareness campaign. The team proposed a number of innovative solutions and have produced design campaigns that we’re proud of and which fully address our marketing needs.” - Kerry Delaney, Commercial Director at CML.