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In 2009 all police forces were required to publish online crime maps, allowing the taxpaying public to see exactly where and how much crime happens where they live. Following a competitive pitch and under extremely tight deadlines, 26 out of 31 forces present at a supplier event chose to work with us to create their county-wide crime mapping websites. Eventually, we expanded this number to work with 31 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales, meeting the Home Secretary’s deadline for publication.

Given the huge success of force-wide crime maps and given our critical mass as a supplier, the Home Office approached us to develop the world’s first national crime map. We did, and it became a global success story, helping to demonstrate how governments and police forces can better engage with citizens through transparency and accountability.

Following a competitive tender process, we have worked with the Home Office, building upon and delivering success after success, providing the public with a service they have come to expect.

What we did

Throughout the entire project, our role always involves that we consider the users above everything else, sometimes even the demands of individual police forces themselves.

Our development team and project managers successfully brought together forces with diverse skills and needs and unified them through the delivery of a single digital platform, where they could each log in and provide sensitive crime data in a single, definitive format - the first time such a cross-force challenge had been achieved.

We developed the complex methods and algorithms required to anonymise sensitive crime data so that it could be safely published without identifying victims of crime.

The results

The result was a website that looked great and was easy to use, allowing citizens to better hold forces accountable, and was easy for forces to keep up to date whilst protecting the identity of victims of crime.

The latest feature we’ve added is Online Crime Reporting. Developed on time and to budget using Agile methodology, it is part of Police.uk that allows citizens to report crimes directly to the police online, reducing the need for call handlers and officer visits and potentially saving millions of pounds annually.

Online Crime Reporting was a recent finalist in the Innovation category at the Civil Service Awards 2015 at Buckingham Palace.