Hope Against Cancer Building a charity


Hope started out in 2003 as a small group of volunteers determined to make good on a promise to the late Allison Wilson: to form a charity to raise money for cancer research in Leicestershire and Rutland, so that the people of those counties could some day enjoy the advances in cancer care that were unavailable to her. They needed a voice and an image, and a means of telling everyone what this new charity was all about, they asked us to help.

By 2013 Hope had grown to be a substantial charity, raising millions of pounds to fund researchers and establishing a Clinical Trials Unit at Leicester Royal Infirmary.


We started small. Hope is run by volunteers, not marketing managers used to huge budgets and agencies, so we did little things to help where we could – a letterhead, business cards and a small newsletter. Once the personality of the charity began to take shape it became easier to judge how to tackle larger and more regular bits of work. We've taken a flexible approach over the years that allows us to exercise consistency where appropriate, but also push the boat out for their more high profile events.


Hope celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2013. From relatively humble beginnings they have become a key player in the local charity scene, not just for the millions of pounds raised (and spent on cancer research) in Leicestershire and Rutland, but for their inventive and lavish fundraising charity events which are now a regular highlight of the social scene. It's been a pleasure to help them get this far.

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