ICCA A new logo and brand identity


Founded in 2010, The International Society for Conversation Analysis (ISCA) is an independent professional association which aims to further encourage research and learning into the fields of language and social interaction. The ICCA ‘International Conference on Conversation Analysis’ is the society’s yearly flagship event, drawing in professionals and academics from across the world.

The Imago event management team were tasked with providing the venue for the upcoming conference and asked us to work alongside them to develop the branding for the event.


We created the logo and brand identity for the 5th instalment of the ICCA, which is to be held at Loughborough University in 2018. To go along with this we also produced a detailed style guide, to ensure a consistently strong look across all materials.

As the work carried out by ISCA members is broad ranging and stretches across a variety of applications, we wanted to make sure the logo reflected this multidisciplinary nature. We based our work around the concept of depicting three key areas of communication; verbal, non-verbal and written. This is represented by the overlapping lines within the logo and helps to showcase the multifaceted angle of the conference.

Giving a nod to the venue, our colour choice was based around the Loughborough University colour palette, but set as gradients to add differentiation. We opted for a bold and bright colour palette to reflect the vibrant nature of the event and to help stop it from feeling too corporate.


We created an eye-catching identity which perfectly captures the feel of the conference and what the ISCA is all about. With the branding being used across a variety of digital and print environments it was important that it could be flexibly applied across all mediums. The new identity we produced looks just as good in email layouts and pull up banners as it does on the signage at the conference itself.

“RKH did a terrific job in creating the branding for the 5th instalment of the ICCA. They were highly professional throughout, and we’re extremely happy with the finished product. The branding is eye catching, clear and effectively communicates what the conference is about. We couldn’t have asked for more.”