Intelligent Energy UPP launch campaign


Upp is a new concept for the mobile phone market. A hydrogen powered phone charger that works with recyclable hydrogen cartridges which give up to a week’s power for a mobile phone without ever having to plug into the mains.

We won a competitive pitch with companies on both side of the Atlantic to devise the creative and media strategy to launch the product to the world.


We concentrated on the implications of what the gadget would allow the user to achieve without ever having to plug their phone into the wall to charge again. Our Live Life Unplugged creative was well received within the company and worked well with the aspirational, clean tech image they have.

We created personas who would use the device and planned our launch around where they would consume media. The initial launch campaign was based around travellers and business users, so we planned an innovative strategy that involved ownership of the London travel and business routes, through digital outdoor in the underground, St Pancras and Heathrow. At the same time a highly targeted digital display campaign and a clever mobile campaign supported the launch. Using demographic and mobile GPS targeting we chose to speak to people who had been through an airport within a month of the campaign launch and who were within a chosen distance of a purchase point and only they would receive our mobile advertising.

At the same time we used Google PPC to buy the search term ‘unplugged’ and all of the advertising was set up to encourage people to search for that term rather than remember a URL giving a much more streamlined user journey.


The success of the campaign was staggering, the traffic generated was way more than we could have hoped, sending 35,000 people to the website through the search term ‘unplugged’ in the first 4 weeks alone.