Leicester Cathedral Lest We Forget exhibition


A good friend of ours, Wendi Stevens, saw a stunning exhibition of photographs by Tom Stoddart. The photographs were all black and white images showing people living with Aids in Africa. Wendi wanted the people of Leicester to see these intensely powerful and moving photographs and asked us if there was any way we could help to exhibit them in Leicester Cathedral.

There were a few obvious challenges, the day to day life in the Cathedral had to continue and of course there was no way we could disturb the interior of the building with any sort of damage.


One of the aisles of the cathedral was identified as the perfect location and we wanted to emphasise the contrast between the stark images and the wonderful interior and atmosphere of the cathedral.

Most of the images were held in a huge frame that allowed them to be suspended on thin wire as if floating in the air. Visitors could see past them and see the reflections of the cathedral, and themselves, in them. Huge banners were hung from the roof, poetry from a US Aids Project was displayed facing into the body of the cathedral.


At the Launch Event and for several weeks after many people saw the stunning exhibition, and many visitors who would not usually have visited came into the cathedral. The photographs were there for the annual service of remembrance in November and gave this an extra dimension.

The artist gave an insight into his work in a video taken at the exhibition -

More of our photos can be seen here