LOROS Being there for you & your family


LOROS, our local hospice, came to us with a plethora of material, all of which looked very different and didn't provide a strong feel for what LOROS was about. We were asked to help provide focus, to make it clear what an important care service LOROS provides and how this affects the local community.


Starting with the core brand identity, we made small changes to the logo and created a new strap line to define LOROS, "Being there for you and your family". Inconsistent style and presentation had been a key early issue, so we developed a simple yet powerful visual look for all materials. Strong use of the LOROS yellow was complemented by a new library of beautiful photos that showed life at the hospice with softness and warmth.


Whilst only at the start of our relationship with LOROS, the early feedback has been fantastic. A wide range of other print and online materials are all planned for the future, to provide a consistent and effective platform for the charity.

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