LOROS Raising awareness for a local hospice open day


LOROS is a local charity which takes care of over 2,500 people each year within Leicestershire and Rutland. They provide free, high-quality care and support to terminally ill patients, their family and carers.

Every year for Hospice Care Week LOROS hosts an event to help raise awareness. This year they hosted an open day aimed at encouraging people through the doors to show the amazing care provided, to dispel myths of hospice care and how they need support from the local community.

LOROS put on a wide range of family-friendly activities for guests, from cake decorating and flower arranging to therapy sessions and pony rides. Local suppliers and small businesses also set up stalls offering everything from delicious food and drinks to clothing, accessories and homeware.


We worked alongside LOROS’ marketing team to produce a range of advertising and marketing material, covering both print and digital, to help promote the event.

A series of striking pull up banners were designed for use at the open day. To make the best use of the budget we kept the designs simple, so they could also be used for other marketing activity after the event too. Alongside this, we created A2 and A0 boards which were displayed in high traffic areas close to the hospice to further promote the event.

We also set up a digital campaign to support the organic social engagement the team at LOROS were generating. This included Facebook adverts and Google Display Network adverts, both of which were geo-targeted to make use the budget was used effectively.


LOROS raised more than £5,000 on the day of the event and had almost 800 visitors, both record numbers for them at an open event. The mixture of print and digital advertising produced fantastic results. Several members of the public mentioned to staff that they had seen the adverts and attended the event as a result, many of who had never visited or even considered visiting the hospice before.