Michelin The 100th anniversary of the Michelin building


We were to create a stand out event with accompanying positive media coverage by using the 100 year anniversaries of the Michelin building in London, and the Michelin Red Guide to hotels and restaurants.

Combining the two anniversaries, a celebration dinner for over 100 Michelin starred chefs was held at Bibendum restaurant in the Michelin building.


Enticing invites, menu cards and even a limited edition poster, sold in the Conran shop, were designed and produced. Microsites were developed to add an online presence for the events, and some creative PR created a media frenzy.

The Stained Glass Amnesty with its dedicated hotline and own microsite was born when we found out the original stained glass had been removed from the iconic building prior to the second world war, never to be seen again.


Media coverage of the unique gathering was high and the Stained Glass Amnesty generated TV, radio, national and regional press coverage which extended as far away as Australia, as we uncovered a rumour that suggested that the missing windows had emigrated along with a former employee.