Taylor Wimpey A bespoke brochure for Beaumont Meadow


Although we've designed a standard template for Taylor Wimpey development brochures which are effectively used across the country, some developments require a more bespoke approach, a touch of individuality.

Beaumont Meadow in the historic county of Warwickshire required something that really focused on its surroundings - the spectacular castle, the vibrant market towns and highlighting the quality of life it offers.


We commissioned a series of beautiful photographs of Warwickshire and used them throughout the brochure. Elegant copy telling a story of Beaumont Meadow set in equally elegant type. Individual leaflets for each luxury home are contained in a discreet pocket at the rear of the brochure.


Within two weeks of the brochure being delivered, Taylor Wimpey had taken reservations on three homes and early interest has been exceptional.