Taylor Wimpey The importance of detail


Taylor Wimpey Midland’s Scarlet Pippin Orchard development had a first-fix demo home on site. These show homes are partially constructed properties which allow visitors to see the framework and structure that underpins each new house. Taylor Wimpey homes are built in several key stages, and here, visitors can clearly see examples of each step of the build.


We loved this inside look at the homes, and thought it would be great to translate this into a bespoke leaflet for the development. We proposed this idea to Taylor Wimpey Midlands and they were really keen to take it forward. Fantastic photography was taken of the demo home to support information on the ins and outs of building a Taylor Wimpey home.

With this, we created a beautiful booklet showcasing all of the little behind the scenes details that go into each home. Alongside the images we explained the reasons and benefits behind each of these features, showing prospective buyers the care that is taken in building their new home to the highest possible standard. The leaflet allows buyers to understand how a house is put together, and gives peace of mind in knowing that their new build is well constructed with a high level of care going into each and every stage.


The leaflets for Scarlet Pippin Orchard went down so well, that we were asked to produce a more universal version that could be printed and sent out to every TWM development. The finished leaflet looks striking, and does an excellent job of illustrating the attention to detail which goes into each home.