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The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job, so we make sure to only hire the best.

PR and Social
Account Managers
Paul Petherick's RKH avatar

Paul PetherickDirector

Paul Sculthorpe's RKH avatar

Paul SculthorpeDirector

Ian Moore's RKH avatar

Ian MooreDirector

Tracey Scott's RKH avatar

Tracey ScottOffice Manager

Faye Loseby's RKH avatar

Faye LosebySenior Accounts Assistant

Dominic Palmer's RKH avatar

Dominic PalmerLead Creative

Matt Laws's RKH avatar

Matt LawsArtworker / Designer

Anna Ridgway's RKH avatar

Anna RidgwayArtworker / Designer

Mike Harris's RKH avatar

Mike HarrisArtworker / Designer

Jess Turvey's RKH avatar

Jess TurveyArtworker / Designer

Brett Tonks's RKH avatar

Brett TonksArtworker / Designer

Andrew Eades's RKH avatar

Andrew EadesArtworker / Designer

Mark Guymer's RKH avatar

Mark GuymerArtworker / Designer

Harshul Modha's RKH avatar

Harshul ModhaHead of Digital Production

Liam Brown's RKH avatar

Liam BrownSenior Developer

Alanta Lee's RKH avatar

Alanta LeeUser Researcher

Annabelle Harper's RKH avatar

Annabelle HarperPR Account Director

Harriet Broomhead's RKH avatar

Harriet BroomheadSenior PR Account Manager

Alex Moore's RKH avatar

Alex MoorePR Account manager

Steph Brown's RKH avatar

Steph BrownSocial Media & Content Manager

Katie Smith's RKH avatar

Katie SmithSocial Media & Content Manager

Neil Hannam's RKH avatar

Neil HannamSearch Marketing Manager

Moira Rrodhe's RKH avatar

Moira RrodheJunior PR Account Manager

Kieran Gohil's RKH avatar

Kieran GohilPR & Social Media Account Executive

Jim Archer's RKH avatar

Jim ArcherArtworker / Designer

John Harris's RKH avatar

John HarrisArtworker / Designer

Jill Latimer's RKH avatar

Jill LatimerReceptionist/Accounts Admin

Ruth Davies's RKH avatar

Ruth DaviesSparkle Technician

Jenny Davis's RKH avatar

Jenny DavisPR Account Manager

Hash Mistry's RKH avatar

Hash MistryChief Accountant

Matthew Middleton's RKH avatar

Matthew MiddletonArtworker / Designer

Pawel Adamek's RKH avatar

Pawel AdamekArtworker / Designer

Vladimirs Lahiza's RKH avatar

Vladimirs LahizaJunior Full Stack Developer

Josh Munn's RKH avatar

Josh MunnDeveloper

Jake Dickinson's RKH avatar

Jake DickinsonFront-end Developer

Julie Brough's RKH avatar

Julie BroughSocial Media Community Manager

Sophie Wickwar's RKH avatar

Sophie WickwarPR Manager

Andy Whiteoak's RKH avatar

Andy WhiteoakSenior Designer

Robyn Morley's RKH avatar

Robyn MorleyPR Account Executive

Henry Rodgers's RKH avatar

Henry RodgersAdvertising Account Executive

Laura Bamford's RKH avatar

Laura BamfordPR Account Manager

Francisca Quádrio's RKH avatar

Francisca QuádrioPR Account Executive

Nancy Collins-Burgess's RKH avatar

Nancy Collins-BurgessPR Account Manager

Baillie Horwood's RKH avatar

Baillie HorwoodPR Account Manager

Joanna Bray's RKH avatar

Joanna BrayPR & Social Media Account Executive

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