The RKH office has been as busy as ever recently, from getting our teeth stuck into new projects and developing even more exciting ideas for our existing clients, to welcoming (more than a few) new faces to the fold. And following all of this, we’re delighted to share the news that several members of our team have been promoted.

Allow us to present our lovely RKH-ers in their new roles:

Dominic Palmer, Lead Creative

Dom’s experience and talent made him instrumental in a recent nationwide rebrand for one of our largest clients, and he did it all with bags of positivity, enthusiasm and, of course, talent. As well as his many impressive design achievements from last year, he continually surpasses both his creativity and commitment.

Harriet Broomhead, Senior PR Account Manager

Harriet brought her invaluable PR knowledge and experience to the table last year when helping us to win our largest PR account to date. Not only has she been key in setting it all up, she’s also ensured that all other accounts continue to run smoothly, with happy clients all round.

Liam Brown, Senior Developer

Liam is a huge asset to our digital team and even when a tough challenge lands on his desk, he’s ready to tackle it; full of knowledge and with eternal optimism. He’s also recently introduced some advanced ways of hosting cloud-based websites which have been hugely beneficial for our clients.

Chelsea Levett, Account Director

Calm and composed Chelsea has worked tirelessly to help us manage and grow a number of key clients. Always reliable and forever positive, she continually goes above and beyond in her commitment to clients and fellow RKH team members.

Harshul Modha, Head of Digital Production

Harshul’s enthusiasm, energy and experience has been critical in ensuring we successfully deliver digital work, however intricate and however big. As well as leading our diverse digital team, he also introduced agile working which has helped us consistently create great products time after time.

It’s safe to say we’re super proud of them all and now they’re firmly settled into their new roles they, and the entire team, look forward to delivering even more fantastic work across 2018.

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