The second webinar in our five-part series took place on 29th September. Focused on the world of design and the role of the Artworker within a creative agency, Lead Creative Dom and Graphic Designer Pav talked the audience through what to expect as a designer, as well as advice for starting a career in the industry.

Wanted to tune in but didn’t get the chance? No worries. You can watch a recording of our design webinar.

The webinar began with a quick history lesson, talking through advertising in the 1950s and 60s. We’re not quite the cast of Mad Men here at RKH (definitely more sweatpants and hoodies than suits and dresses, especially now we’re working from home!) but understanding how advertising has changed through time gives a great insight into how we think about promoting and communicating products and services today.

Dom then discussed the different types of design: digital, print and animation, going on to emphasise how important psychology, and stakeholder and consumer insights are to the process of creating successful designs. Of course, no piece of work can be completed without the right software, so Pav ran through the numerous programs that the team use each day, including the Adobe suite: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and After Effects.

We’ve geared this series towards students, recent graduates and those looking to get into the industry, so Dom and Pav also discussed what they feel are the key traits of a successful candidate as well as how to make a portfolio stand out from the pack. The session then finished with a Q&A, where Dom and Pav gave advice on how to start a career in design, as well as talking about their career journeys.

Dom and Pav said: “Taking part in the Creatives in Careers series has been a really exciting opportunity and is allowing the RKH team to use their talent and experience to give some advice to budding creatives in a challenging job market. While this may be a difficult time to get started, it’s also a chance to brush up on skills and perfect the portfolio - and we’re really pleased to be able to use our knowledge to help people in their journey.

“Our Creatives in Careers session is ongoing throughout October, with sessions available in the various different job roles within a creative agency. If you’re interested in Account Management, Research and Search, Digital, or PR and Social, there are upcoming webinars available to book onto.”

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