Photos from our user lab launch event
Photos from our user lab launch event

We’re delighted to have launched Porthole, our very own digital user research lab. Leicester’s City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, officially opened the new facility during a special launch event on Wednesday 9th November.

The dedicated lab allows people to test out new websites and digital services, while designers, stakeholders and anyone else involved in the project, observe how they are interacting with it. During this ‘hands-on’ testing, an individual's reaction to the efficiency of a website is recorded so that suggestions for improvements can be made based on actual evidence instead of potentially biased opinions.

Speaking at the event, Sir Peter Soulsby emphasised the importance of digital user research and explained that this type of service is vital for boosting local business. VIP guests were then given an opportunity to see the user lab in action and build a better understanding of how it could help their company.

You can find further details and videos about Porthole on our website to understand more about how our user lab can be used. Better yet, if you’d like to come in for a coffee and see first hand how this all works, just drop us an email or call and we’ll work out a good time for you to see for yourself.

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