Our team are pop culture buffs at the best of times - with podcast recommendations, playlists and Love Island gossip being a mainstay in the office. With some more time to explore the depths of music and video streaming services, it stands to reason that the recommendations I’ve received since going remote have been true to form. They’re too good to keep from anyone reading this blog, so I thought I’d share them with you.

TV Shows

The start of lockdown heralded the launch of the BBC3 adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People. Viewers were captivated by the romance between Marianne and Connell, with reviews praising how relatable and well, normal the show was. It’s pretty emotional, but given that I binged all 12 episodes in a day I’d say it may just be worth a watch.

There’s been nothing quite as bizarre as entering the world of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin in Tiger King. Since launching on Netflix back in March, the show has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning thousands of memes and its own TikTok dance.

Lots of the team have followed the true crime documentary which seems to get odder as the show progresses, with one member of the team even receiving a Carole Baskin-themed birthday card for their 30th birthday.

In stressful times, wholesome viewing is necessary. One show that’s really stood the test of time is NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Set within the local government office of a small town in Indiana, the show follows the employees through the trials and tribulations of overseeing the local leisure scene. With light-hearted mishaps, long-running jokes and the most likeable cast of characters, it’s the perfect show to switch off to at the end of the day.


They say you learn something new every day and the hosts of No Such Thing As A Fish take this to the next level. Made up of four QI researchers who felt that the facts they were discovering in preparation for each show were going to waste, they took the opportunity to share these on the weekly podcast. If you’re a trivia nerd who likes to pull out random facts to impress at parties, this is the one for you.

Once upon a time, money and a bangin’ bod may have been regarded as the pinnacle of eternal joy. The Happiness Lab aims to prove that counting cash and calories can only get you so far in this pursuit. Using the latest research in psychology, a Yale professor shares some surprising insights which may alter the way you think about what will truly make you smile.

When faced with an issue, it’s best to get a couple of different perspectives. Radio presenter and proud Burnley native Jordan North teamed up with world leading etiquette expert William Hanson to answer some of modern life’s more troubling conundrums in Help I Sexted My Boss. If you’ve ever wondered how to cut short a Tinder date whilst maintaining grace and decorum, give this a listen.


Many of us need music when we’re working, and the team definitely have a varied taste when it comes to their daily listening. With our collaborative Spotify playlist being on the PR and Social room speakers at least a few times a week.

Working remotely means we can be as selfish as we like when DJ-ing, but something that aids concentration usually comes out top when choosing what to listen to. Relaxed, lofi hip hop music and beachy lounge music fit the bill well for this, allowing us to get on with the work we’ve set out for the day whilst also conjuring up the image of being sat by a pool with an Aperol Spritz. Maybe next year, hey?

And we couldn’t talk about killer playlists without giving Kitsuné Musique a mention. Run by the French record label, their highly curated playlists are ideal to have on in the background and are the perfect accompaniment to sunny weather.

I wasn’t lying when I said we’re an office of pop culture nerds with brilliant recommendations ready to go at all times. It isn’t all fun and games, though. For all the shows watched and bangers played at full volume we’ve also been thinking of some key lessons we’ve learned since working remotely. That’s for the next blog, though. In the meantime, stick the telly on.

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