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In the sparkling world of social media, one trend is set to dominate in 2024 - user-generated content (UGC). As we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, it's clear that UGC is not just a passing fad but a powerful force reshaping social media. Gone are the polished brand videos as we make room for phone-made lo-fi content.

Let’s take a look at what I mean by that. I have never seen a Bloom-branded advert but I can guarantee I've seen over a million #bloompartner content creators posting about the product. These are the videos that I see Bloom promote across various social platforms - content creators are creating on behalf of the brand without any professional production:

So, why is this working for brands and why are we going to be seeing even more of it in 2024?

Authenticity Rules

In a world saturated with curated content, authenticity stands out. Users are craving genuine experiences and connections. UGC brings a breath of fresh air, allowing real people to share their real stories. Whether it's customer testimonials, unfiltered moments, or user reviews, authenticity is the key to capturing and retaining audience attention.

Community Building

Social media is not just a one-way conversation; it's a community. UGC fosters a sense of belonging, turning passive consumers into active contributors. From hashtag challenges to collaborative projects, social media users become an integral part of the content creation process.

Diverse Perspectives

As we strive for inclusivity and diversity, UGC becomes a powerful tool to amplify a variety of voices. In 2024, social media platforms are expected to be more inclusive, with users from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences contributing to a richer tapestry of content. This diversity not only reflects the real world but also broadens the horizons of social media users.

Enhanced Engagement

Engagement is the heartbeat of social media, and UGC is the pulse that keeps it strong. When users actively participate in creating content, they are more likely to engage with others. Whether it's through comments, shares, or likes, UGC sparks conversations and builds a more dynamic and engaging online environment.

Trust and Credibility

In an era of scepticism, trust and credibility are invaluable. User-generated content - especially reviews and testimonials - carries a level of authenticity that can’t be replicated in brand-created content. As social media users increasingly turn to their peers for recommendations and insights, UGC becomes a trusted source of information, influencing purchasing decisions and shaping brand perceptions.

Looking ahead

As we look ahead to 2024, the rise of user-generated content on social media is inevitable. It's not just a trend; it's an entire shift in how we create, consume, and connect. Embracing the authenticity, community, diversity, engagement, and trust that UGC brings will become essential for any brand that wants to conquer social media. Get ready for a year where the power truly lies in the hands of your customers!

Examples in the wild:

Joanie Clothing enlist a number of content creators to help them showcase new items in favour of high-cost shoots and full product. This content is is shared by the user and posted on Joanie Clothing's own channel, which helps to boost reach and engagement.

Sofa brand Snug use a mix of branded content and UGC throughout their organic content to provide a genuine picture of their product. They fit seamlessly into their customers' feeds by providing inspiration and authenticity.

Cult Beauty post a mixture of brand content, lo-fi video content and UGC. This UGC is gathered from those that are being paid to create and others that are sharing it organically. The content may not directly promote Cult Beauty, however, it will relate to their audience by sharing beauty tips and tricks. Certain posts will even tag products so users can tap to shop; the perfect combination of authentic content and social shopping.

Next time you find yourself scrolling through social media, why not take a moment to observe whether you come across brands being promoted for 'free' through user-generated content, or if a brand is strategically utilising it to showcase their products?

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