Whether it’s from the office or on the go, our AMs get a lot done in a day - they’re a crucial part of the way we work. Read on to find out what one of our Senior Account Managers, Tristan, gets up to on a typical day at RKH.

"My working day starts at 9am with a cup of lemon & ginger tea - I'm working from home in the dining room.

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I check through my emails first, read through any client briefs and unless I have any questions, will then brief them into the studio. Then, I'll write a quick to-do list for the day and start working my way through it.

Today, I had a three-hour monthly marketing meeting with one client, which took up all of the morning, during which I was presenting and taking notes of action points. I then wrote up a contact report and distributed it to everyone on the call, and spent time catching up and answering client emails, internal messages and missed calls which had come in during the meeting. There were a few jobs to proof from the studio, which were then sent onto clients for review.

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Lunch for me was on the go as I had a couple of errands to do in my lunch break, plus get back in time for 2pm to sit in on an interview over Teams, so a calorie-fuelled fast food option was the answer today - you could say I was 'lovin' it'!

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Interview over and notes shared, it was back to checking emails, messages, sending a few items to print and proofing more jobs before our internal account team catch up meeting at 4pm. Once the meeting was done, there was half an hour left of the day to brief back in any further client amends on jobs to the studio, ready for the following day. I finished up by closing a few jobs and invoicing them.

All in a day's work!"


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