Leicestershire Cares do so much for our community, so we do our part to help them with their marketing presence.

Giving back to our community is a cornerstone of what we do and who we are at Rock Kitchen Harris, and one of the brilliant causes we work with is Leicestershire Cares. Leicestershire Cares is a charity that works with local businesses, government, schools and community groups to help them share skills and ensure positive change for disadvantaged groups and individuals. Through these partnerships, young people are given a safe, supportive environment to help them in their transition to the workplace.

Jamie, our Director of Client Services, has been on the board of trustees for Leicestershire Cares since 2016. His marketing experience is important in helping to raise the charity’s profile.

“The charity sector is and will continue to get more competitive, with an ever-growing number of charities fighting for businesses’ ESG budget. Because Leicestershire Care’s positioning is all about connecting businesses with people who need their help, it is vitally important that we gave them the tools to be at the forefront of the right people’s minds when those budgets are released.

We’ve worked with them on a new visual identity, website and messaging. We’ve seen them go from strength to strength in that time, winning awards and becoming genuine thought leaders in Leicestershire and beyond.

The reason I’m so proud to work with them is because they make a genuine difference in our home county. Everything we give them or do for them has a direct, visible contribution.

Jamie Mollart, Director of Client Services

The planning team has been working closely with the charity on their brand strategy, too. The Leicestershire Cares team visited our office for their board away day, where Debbie and Katie facilitated a brand immersion workshop.

They used the knowledge and research shared by the team to create customer personas and develop a brand strategy. This was supported by some competitor landscape research which we used to ensure our proposition was ownable and distinctive within the local not-for-profit market. Developing a brand positioning and customer value proposition (CVP) map helped to refine the key messages, and guides Leicestershire Cares’ marketing and comms activity to help them continue their vital work in and around Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

It is and continues to be a pleasure and privilege to be part of Leicestershire Cares’ brand strategy journey. We like nothing more than a brief which gives us the opportunity to flex our strategy framework from research to results, and a client who is happy to come along for the ride - we had all of this on this brief, thank you Leicestershire Cares!

Debbie Preston, Associate Director


Katie Westwood