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We’re over half way through our five-part webinar series!

We’re over half way through our five-part webinar series! Our session on Account Management took place on 8th October. Focused on the busy working lives of our Account Management team, Katie and Will talked the audience through what their roles entail, as well as advice for those interested in starting a career in the industry.

Creatives in careers slideshow

Katie and Will started out by getting the story straight. Despite the title having a few meanings, Account Management is not anything to do with accounting! Working as an Account Manager can mean a variety of things but for us at RKH, it involves being the main point of contact for our lovely clients and managing a number of projects from start to finish.

Many of these projects involve creating marketing materials - both digitally and in printed form - so our Account Managers work closely with our designers and PR & Social team to collate copy and visuals.

Will then discussed the various software that the team uses on a daily basis. Trello is key to managing the internal workflow at RKH, and allows the team to visualise multiple projects from start to finish. For liaising with our clients, Basecamp is essential and far more efficient than multiple email chains.

Of course, no talk of software is complete without Slack, our internal communication tool. It’s been especially useful since going remote, letting us chat about work in real time, as if in the office. It also allows us to keep in touch informally - with funny gifs and weekly quizzes acting as a break from work.

Account management structure

We want this series to be useful to recent graduates and students planning their future careers, so part of Katie and Will’s discussion was focusing on the many ways to put your best face forward and smash the selection process. Being adaptable, positive, eager to learn and a great communicator all point to a bright future in Account Management.

Getting a little work experience if you are able to also helps. Katie talked about her time working at the Trinity Mirror while at University, with Will’s experience designing a website for his Dad also being a positive in helping him while starting out in his career.

Katie and Will said: “The Creatives in Careers series has been so fun to work on, and we’re sure that it will be helpful to those seeking some hints and tips on how to get ahead in a difficult job market. Every little helps, so trying to get some work experience and fine-tuning your communication skills will make a really positive impact when applying for jobs in Account Management.”

Our Creatives in Careers session is ongoing, with sessions available in the various different job roles within a creative agency. Watch all the videos from the Creatives in Careers sessions here.


Harshul Modha

Associate Director