All of us at some point in our careers will experience the struggle of balancing our personal lives with work; client deadlines will inevitably fall on the same week as your family holiday, meetings will be scheduled when your little one is sick and crisis situations are bound to take over your much needed lunch break... The juggle is endless and something I’ve found even more intense since having my first child. Returning to work, I wondered ‘how am I going to manage now?’ I needed to master my own personal and work schedule, as well as that of my tiny person (please note, his is simpler than mine - eat-play-sleep-repeat!)

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Working for a company that offers flexibility and hybrid working, whilst placing trust in its employees is a big factor - this way of working enables me to keep everything ticking over at home whilst dedicating three days a week to delivering the very best work for my clients.

Here are some of my top tips for making the days count whilst keeping your mind clear:

Daily agenda

It's important to realise that not everything is urgent and prioritising is key to success in public relations.

It may seem obvious but try to start each day knowing exactly what must be achieved by close of play. I find it easiest to write a list of the most pressing deliverables and set hard deadlines for each task - if something urgent comes in later, I can instantly see what can be switched out for tomorrow. Blocking out chunks of your diary to align with each task is also helpful, as colleagues will be more aware of your priorities and workload.

Forward plan

Where possible, getting ahead is key. If you know a particular project is a ‘biggy’, start chipping away at it as early as you can. If you’ve got a spare hour, make a start - it will help you to avoid running out of time, working late or through your lunch. It's true, you can never be too prepared in PR!

List your achievements

You can spend seven and a half hours working but - on 'one of those day's' - still be left wondering what you’ve actually achieved; what with endless emails, Slack messages and calls that need to be answered. Creating a check list of all the items you have progressed that day can really help to lift your mood and mentally prepare you for the days to come. This trick helps me to log off with a sense of fulfilment, so I'm more ready for the whirlwind of a toddler who needs his dinner, bath and bed...

Make lunch count

I always feel so much better when I’ve achieved something on my lunch break.

Use this sacred hour to your advantage; get outside and hit reset, eat and do a workout - some days I'll just catch up on my favourite boxset or get some of those never ending chores out of the way! Think of your lunch break as your time to pause and recharge - when you come back to your desk, you'll be able to make the remaining work hours count for your client.

Talk to your team

In the world of remote working, it can be easy to feel like you are in the trenches alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your colleagues; speak up if you need help or support to get the job done. My motto is if it still bothers me after 24 hours, then a quick brainstorm with members of my team is definitely worthwhile.

Everyone will have a different work-life set up and it's important to find a balance that works for you. Recharging to be present for work is important but so is being present in your personal life - the two work hand-in-hand. By taking a few of these tips on board, you'll soon feel more fulfilled and, hopefully, more chilled!

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