Every year, Twycross creates a summer TV advert to attract visitors in the peak season, and they needed our help to conceptualise, storyboard and film an advert that would bring people through the gates.

After producing an advert for them last year, we were delighted to join up with Twycross Zoo again to develop a brand new summer TV advert, encouraging people far and wide to 'dive into summer' and visit the 500-animal, 100-species zoo, nature reserve and World Primate Centre.

Through meticulous research by our Head of Strategy, Debbie, we established three groups of people:

  • Advocates: the people who love zoos
  • 'Ambivalents': the people who don't feel strongly about zoos
  • People who don't like zoos

From this, we knew what the goal of the advert had to be: to drive people to Twycross, to encourage advocates to shout louder about zoos, and to turn those 'ambivalents' into advocates.

The advert of course needed to be fun, but it also needed to do some good: Twycross Zoo is a conservation charity, after all.

We wrote and storyboarded the advert, and then filmed it across two days in two different locations. On day one, the advert was filmed in the house of our Lead Creative, Dom (thanks Dom!) and the second day of shooting took place on location at Twycross Zoo, which provided its own set of challenges as we had to navigate a busy park whilst still getting the all-important footage of our human and animal stars.

Twycross Zoo and ourselves are very proud of the advert - check it out for yourself below:

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Ben Scothern

Senior Copywriter