Our Director of Client Services, Jamie Mollart, has been a part of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) for a long time now. On top of his busy schedule, he dedicates time to contributing to the industry by working with the IPA, helping Rock Kitchen Harris and every other member agency. That role encompasses a fair few responsibilities.

The IPA contains a range of sub-committees that manage advisory groups focused on certain disciplines; there’s a strategy sub-committee and a sub-committee for new business, for example. Jamie is on the client relationships sub-committee. The client relationships subcommittee meets regularly to discuss a variety of subjects, from the current state of the market to training for young account handlers and managers. They also discuss any issues that they might be facing, and also write articles for the IPA website - it’s a busy role! One of Jamie’s most recent articles for the IPA is here.

A photo of our directors: Jamie, Paul and Paul
Jamie (left) combines his role as Director of Client Services with his role on the IPA's client relationships sub-committee.

Jamie is one of the go-to guys for all things account handling in the IPA. Currently, he’s working with the IPA to quantify the value of long-term client relationships, showing that the longer the relationship, the better. We’re no stranger to long-term client relationships; we’ve been working with Taylor Wimpey, the UK’s largest housebuilder, for more than 15 years - that relationship is a great example of why long-standing unity is so important.

As well as providing his expertise for the benefit of the IPA, Jamie’s involvement also helps us here at Rock Kitchen Harris. With such a strong connection to such an illustrious and well-respected authority in our industry, we can show our clients just how seriously we take account management, so they know they’ll be in the safest of hands. It also helps us to maintain a very high standard of account handling, whether that’s through training for our existing account managers or by recruiting the right people.

We’re really proud of our IPA membership, what it allows us to do and how it helps us to be even better. Part of that membership and commitment is having staff like Jamie contribute to their hard work so we can support the industry as a whole.

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