2023 is quite literally a thing of the past. It was a great year for us, but we've got big plans for 2024. Here's what we're going to do this year...

Account growth: There’s always room for growth, and we’ve got plans to help our clients expand and exceed their expectations next year. We’ll be bringing more success to our clients and growing our agency in the process.

Getting a handle on X: Ever since Elon has been in charge, X (or Twitter) has been tricky to use at the best of times and downright unreliable at the worst of times. Next year, we’re going to do our best to get even more out of X for our clients.

A close eye on AI: We’ve written about AI and the pros and cons of its presence in our industry, and we use generative AI to help us with some of our work, but as artificial intelligence gets more ‘intelligent’ and its use becomes ever more common, we’re going to be keeping track of future developments. If it can be a positive, we’ll make use of it, but not at the expense of our core principles or the quality of our output.

Power to the people: We’ll be introducing some new initiatives to benefit our most precious asset - our people. We’re building a framework that encourages growth, support, and satisfaction, but one that retains that all-important element of challenge and fun that we love about RKH.

Our 2023 with Ecologi in numbers

Going even greener: We’re really proud of our sustainability efforts; working with B-Corps like Bambino Mio and Cambridge & Counties Bank, and funding trees and projects with Ecologi. In 2024, we’re going to be building more climate-positive partnerships and doing great work with B-Corp-certified brands.

More nights out - We’re good at nights out, but we could be better! More meet-ups and socials are always welcome, and we’ll never get bored of seeing each other in real life, so we’ll be going out more in 2024!

We’re back, we’re well-rested and ready to make 2024 even more of a success than 2023. More business, more growth as an agency, and more celebratory drinks.

Jamie Mollart, Director of Client Services


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