At the beginning of the year Will became the first member of the accounts team to achieve MIPA (Member of the IPA) accreditation. It’s the advertising industry's most visible, robust badge of professionalism and is recognised throughout the sector.

Will Jones sitting at a desk smiling.

It takes three years to become a MIPA, and members need to complete 24 hours of CPD learning per year and earn five stars from accredited training. As an Accredited MIPA, members can use the initials MIPA after their name, and they also have access to a range of courses, qualifications and exclusive events, as well as a personal profile on the IPA website.

Following Will’s lead, we’re encouraging all of our account handlers to become accredited over the next few years. We want our team to be the best they can possibly be, and we’re committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills to their full potential. This is not only great for their own professional development, but it’s also a huge benefit to our clients too.

Will told us: "I’m really proud of achieving my MIPA accreditation. I’ve been on several IPA courses during my 6 years at RKH and I’ve managed to gain 5 MIPA stars during this time. I’ve also had to complete 24 hours of CPD training for three years, which has included reading books, attending training events and listening to podcasts. It has taken a long time to achieve it, but it was very worthwhile as it pushed me to do more training. It’s an achievement I'm very proud of and it is something all of our team are now working towards."

Congratulations to Will, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of the team earn their accreditations this year!


Steph Brown

Social Media and Content Manager