Now more than ever it’s important to take care of one another, particularly those in and around our community. We may all live in the same area but not everyone lives in the same way or has access to the same opportunities.

It’s one of the reasons we’ve been proud partners of Leicestershire Cares for 3 years now. The charity helps children and young people across our county reach their full potential, through education and connections with local businesses. And as one of their partners, we help to support and inspire young people as they start their careers.

When Leicestershire Cares came to us at the start of this pandemic, asking how we could continue our support despite everyone being in lockdown, the cogs well and truly started turning. So, in true digital marketing form, we set up a couple of online sessions to share advice and guidance with those looking to get into the industry.

Jamie, our Client Services Director led an online skill-sharing session with local community groups and Steph, Social Media and Content Manager, presented a webinar called ‘Getting the best from social media’.

Kieran, CEO from Leicestershire Cares, told us;

“Steph did a fabulous job and we have had so many positive comments from those who took part. The information provided was very useful, interesting, and could be easily understood. We’d like to thank her for the outstanding time and effort put into the webinar and the positive engagement she created with the local community organisations involved.”

Kieran Breen, CEO at Leicestershire Cares

Following all of this we were really taken aback to have received a certificate of recognition for ‘Outstanding contribution to the local community during the coronavirus pandemic’.

Leicestershire Cares certificate for Rock Kitchen Harris

Like we said, it’s important to take care of one another so whenever and however we can give back, we will.

Jamie also had some lovely words to say about the award.

Leicestershire Cares is a charity that is very close to our heart. They are one of the most proactive organisations in the country and make a very real contribution to our community. To be recognised as going some way to helping them in their work is a great honour and one that we are particularly proud of.

Jamie Mollart, Client Services Director at Rock Kitchen Harris

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