Our digital team are very busy people. As well as being frighteningly intelligent, they’re also a very organised bunch of folks, utilising a number of tools and techniques that help them build high-quality products and services for clients from a range of sectors. To kick off our A-Z of life at RKH, we’ve chosen a critical working method and overused buzzword - Agile.

Agile is the project management methodology adopted by our Digital Account Director, Harshul, which helps our digital team build online services quickly and focuses on defined objectives. Testing occurs throughout a project, so that work can quickly adapt based on the feedback given by both the client and the project manager.

In comparison to Waterfall methods, the Agile approach allows for constant feedback throughout the entire process, instead of when the project is nearing its end. With the Agile approach, the planning, designing and testing phases all happen at the same time. This is most effective when building digital services, as it allows teams to modify or rework what they’re building should any unforeseen or external forces arise.

Our web team usually work over periods of time known as ‘Sprints’, which involve 2-3 weeks of working hard to provide a specific list of deliverables. After feedback and review, this then followed by continuous periods of sprints, which is both valuable and very intense.

It's a hugely beneficial way of working because the team constantly learns and improves what they’re working on, all at the same time. It also provides clients with a clear overview of what can be expected, updates on any ongoing work and providing an indication of what will be finally delivered.

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