D is for Django in the A-Z of life at RKH.

Named after the famous 8-fingered guitarist, Django Reinhardt, Django is our digital team's development framework of choice - we use it to build and run almost all of our websites and apps. You might not have heard of it, but without it the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and our very own Police.uk website wouldn't exist.

Django provides a common set of tools to help build new websites and apps, which is great because our development team works on a LOT of different projects. Thanks to Django and the rules and conventions it introduces, somebody that has worked on one of our apps can easily jump in and work on another without wasting time having to completely re-learn how it works.

Django also does a lot of the essential heavy lifting techie stuff associated with building websites and apps automatically: handling browser requests, securing user accounts, validating user input and letting designers work on page templates without breaking anything. It does all of this in an efficient, safe and secure way, meaning our team can focus on cleverer and more innovative ideas instead of the underlying grunt work.

Whilst Django itself is developer-friendly, fast and secure, it is the fact that it is open source and supported by a community of thousands of other developers around the world that really makes it shine. If we run into a problem, somebody else has probably run into it and will have shared their solution. Likewise, if we have solved a particular problem, we can share it with the community so that everybody else benefits too.

We use Django for the majority of our web projects because it handles the stuff we always need in ways we can rely on, and frees up the team to focus on our specialities, the value we can provide for our clients.

If you're interested in learning Django for yourself, here's a great tutorial.

Thank you for the music… and the framework!

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