G is for Gains in the A-Z of life at RKH.

Gains is the act of being healthy, packing on the muscle and looking lean, and it’s quickly taking over the RKH office. Several RKH’ers have already dedicated their lifestyles to the pursuit of Gains, with only a few of us managing to escape its lure - for now.

Long gone are the days of over indulgence on biscuits, cakes and beer. Now dubious-looking protein shakes and questionable-tasting protein bars are the norm when it comes to snacks.

One of our avid Gains enthusiasts commented: “Gains is more than just going to the gym; it’s a way of life. It’s about being careful of what you eat and making life decisions based on your health.”

This is exemplified by how the self-named ‘Gains Crew’ rate their lunch choices based on the amount of protein. Toasted bagels filled with chicken and spinach are in, whilst carb based options such as pasta are most definitely out.

Regular visits to the gym include weight lifting sessions, swimming and workout classes. The Gains Crew sometimes even sacrifice RKH’s Friday pilgrimage to the pub, choosing to worship the gym instead.

Whatever side of the fence you sit, you have to take your hat off to their dedication. Even if they do slightly overuse the word ‘Gains’.

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