On Wednesday we were invited along to take part in Leicester’s first Big Book Crit for Marketing, Advertising and Graphic Design students at De Montfort University. The annual event is run in conjunction with the Institute of Data and Marketing, who put on free sessions for university students across the country each year.

Some of Leicester’s best agencies gathered in DMU’s Business and Law department to meet students, critique their work and give careers advice. The evening aims to help students break into the industry, and allows them to receive honest, constructive feedback on their work. Nathan Beard, final year BA (Hons) Business & Marketing student, said: "You don't get business perspectives very often, so it was great to get that information and feedback from industry professionals.”

During the event, students spend 15 minutes with each of the agencies, allowing them to show their work to a wide variety of professionals and leave with lots to think about. Johanna Kugler, final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Illustration student explained: "It's good practice to talk to industry, in a casual setting where there isn't too much pressure. I always like hearing about how people get their first job in the industry as well. In your final year you feel anxious as there are so many uncertainties. The agencies have given me great advice about how to bring in physical work and to think about the textures I use in my work to ensure that I can stand out."

We really enjoyed spending the evening talking to the students and were really impressed by the quality of work on display. RKH Director, Jamie said: “It was great to see how much talent there is within the upcoming generation, and it’s clear the students we spoke to will go far within their chosen industries. We loved talking to the students, but we also got a lot out of it ourselves. It was interesting to see how they were working, and seeing the fresh perspectives they brought to the table too.” We’re already looking forward to the next one!

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