The value of online content has been largely overlooked in the recent past, with text for a website often just copied from printed literature. This is starting to change though; User Experience is having a much greater influence on the content we create and businesses are increasingly aware that website users expect to be able to get the information they need quickly and efficiently.

This changing focus is great news for website visitors, but it does mean that content is back in the spotlight, and it has to be right!

Not only is it crucial to know who is coming to your website and what they’ll be looking for, it’s also vital that information is easy for visitors to understand, shown creatively so that it’s remembered and presented to encourage interaction.

The Content Strategy Toolkit by Meghan Casey shows how fundamental good content is to success and the processes needed to get this right.

It’s a fantastic book, which is easy to read and gives a great overview of how to approach content as part of a new website project.


  1. Consider content from the very start of a project
    If you can involve a copywriter or content designer then great, but even if not, consider what people will be looking for on your website and ensure your content makes this clear.
  2. Speak to the right people
    Identify the types of people visiting your website and what they are looking for, then find the relevant people within your business/organisation to help produce content in a way visitors will expect to see and can quickly understand.
  3. Test and refine your content
    Subtle changes to content can make a big difference. Identify key pages and use website statistics packages to test how any amends to copy affect sign up rates, sales enquiries and other key actions.

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