Peru is a country of contrasts. 

There are cloud forests, vast plains and dense jungle. 

There are heights that make you gasp for breath and humidity that means your skin is constantly standing out in sweat.

There is nature that is beyond belief, there are landscapes that are so beautiful it’s hard to accept them as real.

There is a population that for the most has very little, yet demonstrates a genuine appreciation for everything they do have. They strive to survive in very harsh conditions and do so with a smile on their faces. It’s very refreshing to see.

This is a country that for 90 years had an empire that stretched over 3,000 miles and yet existed in complete isolation from the rest of the world. The Incas were incredibly advanced in terms of astronomy and civil engineering, but didn’t have the wheel.

I recently spent 15 incredible days there. 

Machu Pichu has always been on my list of must go places, I knew about Lake Titicaca, but little else about this country. 

It exceeded my expectations in every way.

In our short time there we sailed reed boats on Lake Titicaca, stayed with a farmer on its shores, played football at 3800 metres above sea level, searched for bugs at night in the Amazon, ate Alpaca burgers, and hiked for 4 days over the mountains on the Inca Trail to get to Machu Pichu. 

Nothing could prepare me for the beauty of the ancient city. Perched 2400 metres up on the side of a cliff it is a feat of engineering that defies logic, but somehow seems perfectly of its place.

The photo above shows my first site of Machu Pichu, but it barely does it justice. The only way to truly appreciate it is to do the trek yourself…

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