On the 24th September, we hosted the first of our Creatives in Careers webinar series, detailing the ins and outs of life in a creative agency. Hosted by Jamie, our Client Services Director, the webinar gave an overview of what to expect when looking for a career in client services.

Missed the webinar? We've got you covered, watch it here.

In this introductory episode, Jamie discussed how communication is key to everything we do at RKH, giving attendees a run-through of the different departments we have and the roles within them. Of course, our clients are at the heart of everything we do, so some examples of the work our teams have produced were also shown, along with footage of our lovely office.

We’ve geared this series towards students, recent graduates and those looking to get into the industry, so Jamie detailed what he feels are the key traits of a successful candidate. Enthusiasm, passion, patience, emotional intelligence and determination are all crucial features of someone who would be a good fit in the creative industry, along with the required technical abilities.

The session then finished by opening the floor to the audience with a Q&A, where Jamie and Lead Creative Dom gave advice on how to make an application stand out, as well as talking about their individual journeys within RKH.

Jamie said: “We’ve been working really hard on putting together this webinar series, and it was so exciting to be able to kick it off with an introductory session on the agency world. The current climate makes this a particularly difficult time to get started within a creative agency, so we’re pleased to be able to use our experience in any way we can to help those who are just beginning a career.

“This webinar was the first in a series of five, with the remaining four being focused on a range of different areas of work at RKH; Design, Account Management, Research and Search, Digital, and PR and Social. For those who know the area they’d like to specialise in, these are a brilliant opportunity to get some great insight from our team.”

Our Creatives in Careers webinar series is taking place across October, with sessions in Design, Account Management, Research and Search, Digital, and PR and Social Media. You can sign up here!

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