Kyle Bayliss, Senior Web Developer at RKH sat at his desk
Kyle Bayliss, Senior Web Developer

Tell us about your background

In 2011 I graduated from De Montfort University with a First-class honours degree in Multimedia Computing, also bagging Best Final Year Student (go me). An optional part of the course was to take a placement year to gain hands-on experience, and after an interview wearing shorts and flip-flops, I began my first 12 months at RKH. Apart from learning more about website design and development in 12 months than I did during the entire three years of university, I also realised that RKH was where I wantedneeded to work.

Less than 48 hours after my final exam was finished, I found myself back at RKH, wide-eyed and eager. Not much has changed since then.

What does your day involve?

Talking to clients, which generally involves hearing about new projects and following-up on any recent work to make sure everyone’s happy. A lot of my time is spent working on development (writing code), which involves building, maintaining and updating web projects. I'm not always responsible for actually writing the code though, sometimes I help by suggesting which approach, method, language or platform is the most appropriate for the project.

What is the best part of your job?

Although being able to see a project through from the initial client meeting to delivery is one of my favourite aspects of the job, the best part has to be the wide range of projects I’m involved in.

One week I'll be working on a simple marketing website that requires gorgeous styles and impeccable attention to detail, and the next I'll be submersed in a complicated backend build with nothing but Spotify to get me through. It's a rewarding job that keeps you on your toes - as soon as you think you've perfected something, a faster, leaner, more efficient way of doing the same thing materialises.

What’s it like working at RKH?

Awesome. Like, really awesome.

If you're asking me to list reasons, here's a few:

  • We have an army of 50,000 bees.
  • Amazing, down-to-earth colleagues who are all passionate about what they do.
  • Free beer whenever it's sunny. Regular curry, paintballing, bowling, cinema and go-karting trips.
  • If it's your big birthday, you know you're in for a memorable day. It could mean having your desk turfed, or your possessions covered with cat stickers, or something else equally (in)appropriate.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about a career in web development?

Think carefully about what language you want to code with and research their dis/advantages. My early development years were spent using PHP -a la bang your head on a desk for hours until you realise you missed a semi-colon- whereas now I write in Django (a sexy framework for Python) and I couldn't emphasise enough how much happier this makes me.

Apart from that, I'd suggest reading this comic, as this will be the most accurate description of what your life will be :).

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