Getting dressed up on a beautiful summers day to try our luck at the races has become a bit of an annual tradition here at RKH. Heading down straight from work on a sunny Wednesday we claimed our spot, grabbed some food and drinks, and quickly placed our bets just in time for the second race of the evening.

With Faye (and her knack for picking winners) unable to make it this time, Steph asked her to pick a lucky colour before we left. Faye chose yellow, and as we looked over the race guide we noticed Foxangel’s jockey had a yellow hat. This was enough of a sign for Steph, who ran to put a bet on, but everyone else remained skeptical of Faye’s obvious horse-related sixth sense. Things were not looking good at the start of the race with the horse trailing behind, but Foxangel pulled ahead of the pack on the final stretch and effortlessly took first place. It didn’t take long before the rest of us were betting on yellow too!

We also discovered Léon was a secret horse whisperer, after he correctly picked out every winner. His technique was to go down to see the horses beforehand, and then choose the one that he thought walked with the most swagger. Everyone else took the far less scientific approach of choosing their lucky horse based on which one had the best name or colours, with very mixed results. Well, until some of us noticed Léon’s winning streak and then just copied him!

We all had such a nice evening, and thankfully the weather stayed perfect for it too. The girls came out on top this time, with all of them taking home some winnings, whilst the boys bet hard and mostly went home empty handed - better luck next time boys!

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