When Dom’s not busy flexing his design muscles, he’s usually beating most of us at table football. Eager to add to his skills and compliment an encyclopedic knowledge of obscure font families, Dom attended D&AD’s ‘Writing for Advertising’ course with Will Awdry in London earlier this year.

‘Writing for Advertising’ covered ways to find and develop a ‘big idea’ through copy, creative writing from different angles, tips on connecting with an audience and how to inject emotion into copy.

Dom was impressed. He went as a self styled “font man” and returned full of praise for the art of copywriting. Here are a few of the things Dom told us stood out for him:

  1. How adding emotion or changing viewpoint can dramatically alter the impact of copy. The group worked through a range of practical techniques, including writing the same piece but in different styles ranging from ‘gossipy’ through to ‘functional’ and ‘demanding’.
  2. The craft of conveying a lot with a small number of words. One particular exercise involved everyone creating ‘six-word stories’ to see how persuasive they could be with only a few words – A challenge, but great for writing more effective headlines.
  3. As most of his fellow course chums were either journalists or copywriters, Dom was able to ask questions and pick up tips from the people around him.

Great copy is memorable, it sticks in your mind and has the ability to be called upon in unexpected ways, just like Dom’s snappy film summary. Employing all of the techniques he learned, it’s impactful, attention grabbing and perfectly captures the feel of the movie with its punchy delivery. Did you guess what it is yet? Point Break.

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