Whether you're starting out or switching careers, landing your first job in marketing can be a tricky task. Marketing agencies are traditionally very fast-paced environments, where attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple workloads is fundamental.

As the marketing industry adapts to changes in technology and constant shifts in consumer behaviour, it has not only embraced professionals from a wide range of backgrounds but also demanded a higher set of skills for each job role. Working in account management means acting as the first point-of-call for the agency, liaising between external stakeholders such as the client, media buyers and printers, and internal staff including web developers and designers.

We’ve put together a few top tips for all those daring (or crazy) enough to want to work in this field. So sit down, take note and thank us later.


The work can be very, very fast paced. You need to prove you can handle it, therefore gaining work experience or demonstrating transferable skills from another job role is a great place to start. You could start by helping out with marketing in your local community: setting up a website for your local sports club or managing your favourite restaurant’s social media channels. Not only does this look great on your CV, but it also provides you with valuable industry experience. Whilst a degree from a fancy university might help to gain an interview, a foundation of the knowledge and skills in managing multiple projects will help you land the job.


Getting into account management is about working your way up. There is a clear route in job roles and it's all about over performing in each of them to get to the next. Whether it’s aiming for high targets, successfully managing a multi-channel marketing campaign or building solid relationships with clients, you should aim to discover whatever motivates you to help you perform to your best.


  1. Be good on the phone, and even better in person.
  2. Skilled at building client relationships.
  3. A thick skin - because everything is your fault.
  4. A commercial understanding coupled with a decent understanding of design and advertising aesthetic.
  5. The ability to communicate effectively between departments and business sectors.
  6. Understand time and budget constraints, but not at the detriment of creativity.
  7. The ability to juggle a million things, whilst maintaining a smile on your face.

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