Foosball is a serious sport here at RKH, with our table showing the scars of a hotly contested office league.

Having worked with Cranfield Business Recovery for a number of years on design projects and their website, we were invited to take part in the annual Cranfield Table Football Championships. We sent Ian and Rick over to Coventry to represent the team and they did us proud, coming in 2nd place out of 30 teams.

There was a great mix of local businesses represented at the tournament, with teams entering from all over the Midlands. It was so nice to meet lots of new faces, as well as getting to catch up with some more familiar ones. 

The teams had to play 4 matches to qualify from a group, we won 3 and drew 1, before going on to win our quarter and semi-final matches. With each game just 2 minutes long, they were really hard fought and tension was high. After making it through the knockout stages we made it to the final, facing up against Brett and Tony from Cranfield, our toughest opponents yet. Our hit and hope tactics which had proven so effective in earlier rounds, failed this time around and we lost 6-3, placing us 2nd in the competition.

Everyone had a brilliant time, we really enjoyed ourselves and there was a great atmosphere with all of the teams really getting into the spirit of things. Thanks to Cranfield for hosting such a fun afternoon and congratulations on the well deserved win - now how about a rematch? 

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