On the 2nd May the Foxes defied the odds and achieved the impossible, after spending last season looking at almost certain relegation, they went on to win the Premier League for the first time in the club’s 132 year history.

Leicester started the season as 5000/1 outsiders, with them taking the title considered less likely than Arsenal sacking Arsene Wenger and installing Piers Morgan as boss at 2500/1 and Jose Mourinho quitting Chelsea to go on I'm A Celebrity at 1000/1.

Here at RKH we are, for the most part, pretty football mad and have more than our fair share of die hard Foxes fans. So of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something special to show support for our home team.

For #BackingTheBlues day we got everyone to come into work wearing something blue and had a huge banner printed to hang outside of our office, but not before taking some team photos with it first! We also gave ourselves a makeover, kitting our avatars out in Leicester City shirts and switching out our RKH yellow for LCFC blue across our website and social media channels. It went down really well and proved to be a real talking point.

On Monday we continued the celebrations and headed out to cheer our champions on at the open top bus parade through the city. The atmosphere was electric and it was wonderful to see the entire city come together to celebrate our team's achievement.

Here’s what the historic win meant to some of the biggest fans in the office :


“This season has been so far beyond what I ever thought was possible that it still feels unreal. The team has won well and deservedly, with a manager who has surprised everyone with his skill and also his humour and intelligence. I've really loved how it's brought all parts of the city together with a common cause and how Leicester has suddenly captured international attention. Dilly ding dilly dong.”


“It's hard to put it into words. There's been some hard times since the O'Neill years and this goes so far beyond making them worthwhile. The 5000-1 tag keeps getting repeated, but it shows how unlikely this was to happen. There really hasn't ever been a story to rival it in sport and probably never will be again. And to witness it in our lifetimes and for it to happen to our club is incredible. If you put a whole life's worth of Christmas's together that wouldn't even get close to how happy it has made me.”


“Looking back, the season looks more like a Hollywood script than real life. The names of the players, who were cast aside and deemed not good enough by other teams, will remain on the lips of Leicester fans for years to come. It’s been incredible to witness and hopefully will lead to a realisation that success in sport needn’t necessarily be preceded by huge amounts of money. I really hope next season doesn’t see the normality of Leicester struggling but the truth is that after this season it doesn’t matter. My wife is glad the season is over… I can’t wait to get hold of the season review DVD to watch it again and again. Maybe after several watches through it’ll start to feel real.”

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